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Frequently Asked Question's

Caring for your Wax Dipped Creations

What do I do when I first receive my creation?

All you need to do is take it out of the decorative packaging and sit it on a doily or candle plate. Do not sit your Wax Dipped Creation directly on wood furniture.

What if my Wax dipped Creation ever gets dusty?

If your Wax Dipped Creation ever gets dusty, just use the hair dryer on “cool” heat to make it as good as new Wax Dipped Creations are very low maintenance and a lot safer than a candle.  Wax Dipped Creations ARE NOT candles, so therefore there is NO FLAME

How long will the scent last?
The scent should last about 6 months, sometimes longer. When the scent starts to fade, just use a blow dryer on “high” heat for about two minutes.
You may also want to "fluff" your bear a little.  As your blow drying it, simply take a plastic fork to fluff the fur.  

What makes your Creations different from the competition?
Here at Wax Dipped Creations, we pay attention to the finest detail. No two creations are exactly alike!  Our Creations are highly scented (we make sure we use plenty of scent). Second of all, our goal is to make our Creations look as natural as possible.  One would never know at first glance that our products have been dipped. And last but not least, no one can beat our prices!  We search for the best prices and quality when we purchase our products.  That way we can pass the savings onto our customers. 

Shipping charges for United States and Territories

$5.00 - $26.00 order = $8.50 Includes handling

$26.01 - $50.00 order = $13.50 Includes handling

$50.01 - $90.00 order = $15.50 Includes handling

$90.01 - $120.00 order = $21.00 Includes handling

$120.01 - $160.00 order = $27.00 Includes handling

International Shipping Charges

  1 to 2 - Creations = $35.00 Includes handling

3 to 5 - Creations = $70.00 Includes handling

6 to 8 - Creations = $140.00 Includes handling

9 to 10 - Creations = $200.00 Includes handling

11 to 14 - Creations = $300.00 Includes handling

Remember, these little guys and gals are heavy because they're covered in wax.  We are trying to keep           shipping rates as low as we can.  We use Priority Mail to ensure timely shipping. 



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